Gamblers draws on the eclectic musical backgrounds of its members to put a unique spin on a rock and roll fundamentals. Frontman Michael McManus is an accomplished hip-hop producer who has worked extensively with Heems (Das Racist, Swet Shop Boys) and has production credits on Viceland’s Gaycation and Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown.

The line up is rounded out by Gary O'Keefe (lead guitar, backing vocals, production), Boris Palacios (guitar, keyboard, production), and Evan O'Donovan (guitar, keyboard, backing vocals).

"Combining catchy melodies with darker lyrical content that addresses themes such as alienation and addiction, the band uses a fishhook-in-a-cupcake approach that rewards close bedroom-headphone listening, while still providing a raucous live show."

- Nicholas Mancusi, writer and critic (NPR, New York Times)

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