After sharing their impressive debut album last Fall, the Long Island based Gamblers are back with a nostalgic visual for their song "Corinthian Order". The video depicts band leader Michael McManus stumbling through a crowded house party, making his way to the living room to join the band for a hazy rendition of the single, a warm and inviting slice of 2000's indebted indie.

On the hooky single and video, McManus writes -

"This song originally stemmed from a hip hop beat we made that sampled Wilco's "Jesus, Etc." We ended up liking the loop so much that we ditched the sample and replayed everything in more of a fleshed out live band way. The song utilizes a light interpolation of the Wilco melody and the lyrics are based on a long distance relationship that is clearly fading over time. For the video, our friends at the now-defunct DIY space "Suburbia" in Brooklyn let us use their venue, and we did a one shot slow motion walk through of a party. As the protagonist is moving through the party, he's in black and white referencing the loneliness he's experiencing."


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