After sharing their impressive debut album last Fall, the Long Island based Gamblers are back with a collection of music videos. Premiering at The Big Takeover is the visual for "Tug of War", a blistering indie single that wrangles feedback and picked out guitar riffs into a psychedelic swirl. The repeated refrain becomes a triumphant mantra, and has me singing along, "I can do the thing I'm put here for", by the end of the song.

On "Tug of War" and video, McManus writes -

"Sometimes with songs we take a really simplistic approach with the lyrics and go for more of a chant than a lyric. 'Tug of War' is an example of this, where it’s only two repeating lines throughout the entire song. The concept of this particular chant comes from the basic principle of following your true path in life despite all the obstacles and naysayers that may stand in your way. That’s sort of the mentality we had to have in seeing this album to fruition, through the various odd jobs we had to keep to finance it and all of the ups and downs with lineup changes we went through.”

“For the video, we shot laid-back performance footage from our studio and mixed in some stop-motion animation from various old magazine sources, utilizing images that symbolize the differing themes that come into play through the album – love, death, sorrow, ecstasy, regret, etc…”


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