After sharing their impressive debut album last Fall, the Long Island based Gamblers are back with a collection of music videos. Premiering today at BTR Today is the visual for "Form and Flood", a groovy song that see's band leader Mike McManus locking in his falsetto over rolling basslines and funk infused guitars.

On "Form & Flood", McManus writes -

"Lyrically, this song is an example of the influence of growing up in the Catholic Church and realizing that there is a lot of darkness attached to it that isn't necessarily clear as a child. We use some biblical themes and we wanted to portray that on screen by gradualling depicting the band drowning in the ever-climbing levels of water that form from the rain. Shooting on green screen allowed us to utilize post production techniques to incorporate the lyrics of the song in an interactive fashion that moves along to the pulse of the music. The song itself is one of our darker tunes musically and is overall heavier than most of the album as well."


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